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STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba®

This one-hour group exercise class combines weight exercises with muscle conditioning, martial arts and plyometric training moves specifically designed and synced to original music. The songs created especially for these classes are reverse-engineered to match every move in class. This is a first in fitness, where routines are elevated through music to push participants past their perceived limits for a much more effective total body burn!

STRONG by Zumba® has helped hone the bodies of some of the fittest influencers and celebs out there, including American TV host and actor Mario Lopez, celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins and fitness model Michelle Lewin.

How to get the perfect body with STRONG by Zumba®

STRONG by Zumba® Australian Master Trainer, Jarrod Tucker, explains how certain exercises incorporated into the workout target different muscles group, helping you to achieve the ultimate total-body sculpting workout!

Toned Arms:  

The high-intensity intervals during the workout will not only get the heart rate pumping but exercises such as body-weight punches and push ups are specifically synced to original music to ensure all the tiny muscle groups are put into work to achieve lean and super toned arms!

Perky Bum and Long Lean legs:

Your legs muscles are definitely going to be fired up during a STRONG by Zumba® workout. The focus is on cardio exercises that require strength and endurance so that means more burpees, more squats and lunges to work the glutes, hamstring and quadriceps for fuller glutes and lean leg muscles.

Flat Tummy:

You can expect a variety of core exercises including planks, abdominal crunches and Russian twists for a fat-blasting ab workout. Your core should be engaged through the entire workout, meaning your abdominal muscles will be turned on and working hard, helping to give you a sexy six-pack!

The exercises are simple and easy to reproduce, and there is no complicated dance choreography. STRONG by Zumba® without a doubt fuels a higher calorie burn in a shorter amount of time and increases the afterburn effect so your body continues to shred calories long after you’ve completed your workout!

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