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The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads Campaign Management

Creating brand awareness can be challenging for businesses. However, there are multiple ways to make this task easier. And one of the best ways to drive traffic and create brand awareness is Google Ads. But Google Ads might not be beneficial for you if you don’t know how to manage the ads effectively. If you do not know what strategies to implement, you might waste your time and money. But, you don’t need to worry about it. The below points will help you understand Google Ads campaign management effectively.

How does Google Ads Campaign Management take place?

Managing the Google Ads Campaign and ad groups is necessary if you want to get the best results. To know how well these ads are performing, you can take a look at the performance metrics. Through these metrics, you can carry out the necessary optimisation actions.

Effective Google Ads management involves revising your campaign structure. This will help you know if you have the right ad groups. Apart from this, you also need to make changes to your targeted keywords, bids, and budgets. Effective management also involves refining target audience settings, which will help you identify the right set of target audience. To increase the Click Through Rate (CTR), you need to improve the ad content, website landing pages, and site link extensions. Monitoring and making the necessary changes will thus help you get the desired results.

Tips to manage Google Ads effectively

To carry out Google Ads management effectively, you need to have a great experience. Below given tips will help you have a great overview of Google Ads management techniques. These techniques are as follows:

1. Check the current performance of your Google Ads

The first step to Google Adwords management is checking how well the implemented ads are performing. You can check out the Google Ads campaign dashboard to know the ad’s performance. Through this data, you can know which areas require improvements and which are already working well. You can implement these improvements immediately and check how the ads perform after that.

2. Re-evaluate your target audience

You also need to make changes in the targeted audience for your campaigns. These changes are based on keywords, demographics, interests, other marketing targeting options, etc. The main motive is to get a set audience that provides you with more clicks and conversions. However, these clicks and conversions should be at a low cost. This process also saves you a lot of time if you know what you are doing. To make this process faster, you can check the keywords and interests that are actually working for you.

3. A/B Test Ad Copy and Design for your Google Ads

You can test your ad copies and designs using this method of A/B testing. For example, you can create two ads and designs and switch between them. This will help you know which one of them performs better. You can keep making changes to them until you can clearly see a positive result. For the copies, you can make changes to the headlines, descriptions, CTAs, display URLs, ad extensions, and so on. On the other hand, you can make changes to the sizes and colour schemes for the designs. You can also try out the various ad formats, including images, videos and other ad formats. By implementing such a technique, you will get to know where you are lacking. To make this process faster, you can use multiple versions at the same time. However, don’t spam the message inbox of your audience.

4. Learn more about negative keywords

Many businesses usually avoid the importance of negative keywords. However, you can make the best use of these keywords by adding them to your campaigns’ negative or irrelevant keyword lists. It can be challenging to know which keywords are irrelevant to your business. Therefore, to deal with this problem, you can check the search terms report. This report will help you know which keywords are negatively affecting your search ads. For example, if your business involves the selling of fruit baskets, there might be a chance that your ads show ‘fruit ninja’ on the ‘Google Display Network’. Therefore, you can add ‘fruit ninja’ to your list.

As mentioned earlier, it might take time to know which techniques suit your campaigns the best. However, with experience, you can manage your Google Ads effectively and get a higher return on investment. You can also contact an experienced Google Ads agency in Melbourne that can help you get the best results. However, don’t forget to ask them about their services beforehand. To search a Google Ads agency, you can simply search the web. Through the internet, you will get the details of various agencies. You can contact them to learn more about their services and prices. Knowing their prices will help you determine whether they are suitable for your business in terms of your needs and budget. However, don’t just focus on the monetary elements, instead, check which company can provide you with the desired results.

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