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Things you should know about Prostate Cancer and Incontinence

Things you should know about Prostate Cancer and Incontinence

Nobody should see a stage in life where everything seems to be shattering away like a beautiful dream. We go through a whole lot of emotions: known and unknown, bitter and terrible, vast and shallow. But this is life and acceptance at least puts a halt to all the storm brewing around. When prostate cancer arrives, it does not arrive alone. Many other things knock alongside. One such thing is the possibility of incontinence. Although it could be managed with incontinence products in Australia like these, knowledge helps in a much better way. So, here are a few things that people should know.

Prostate Cancer and Incontinence!

The prostate is a gland that plays a part in human reproduction. It lies just below the bladder where it surrounds the urethra. It provides a fluid that gets mixed up with sperm and thus protects them. Sometimes things go wrong and the prostate suffers. The major contributing factors are:

– Infection in and around the prostate gland. We also call this Prostatitis.

– The prostate gland grows in size and thus creates problems in micturition. This condition is commonly known as BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy. It most affects those aged over 50.

– And then there is cancer which is the second most found cancer type after lung cancer in men. However, the death rate related to this is as low as 2.5%. Only 1 in 41 men die having this type of cancer.

Due to these injuries related to the prostate, the urinary system gets affected and incontinence happens.

When prostate cancer makes people buy incontinence products!

Not all prostate-related ails lead to incontinence. There are two situations when the prostate disrupts the normal micturition process:

– An enlarged prostate blocks the urethra and thus prevents the bladder from emptying completely. Because the prostate surrounds urethra from around, its enlargement sort of squeezes it. Consider it like a hose is going through your fist. Consider the hose as urethra and your fist as a prostate. Now squeeze it and see how the flow of water decreases.

– People with prostate cancer go through a surgical treatment. When people go through Radical Prostatectomy, their gland gets removed. This sometimes creates injury to the nerves and muscles around and thus incontinence happens. This fades away by itself with time in most cases. But for the time it is there, one needs to take some measures to ease the incontinent journey.

Things that help in incontinence due to prostate injury!

Although incontinence stays there for a considerable time, there are processes that one can follow to shorten the healing time:

– Look for some Kegel Exercises or Pelvic Floor Exercises and perform them. There are applications like Tat on Android and IOS or there are thousands of videos on YouTube. Michelle Kenway is a trusted source on YouTube. These exercises help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and retrain your urinary system.

– Supporting yourself with incontinence products (Australia) is another way to bring some ease to your days. One thing you should chant every day is to buy only quality products. For example, these are some of the finest available around in the modern market.

– Dietary changes are something that bring instant changes to the life of those suffering because what you eat manifests almost immediately. Avoid system irritants. Do not eat highly acidic or spicy foods. Avoid diuretics like coffee, soda etc. Eat enough fiber. Cherish fruits and vegetables good for incontinence. Take herbal supplements that have been proven to serve some smile on the faces of incontinent people.

– Surgery is another option available before. Also, there are medications that help increase the size of the bladder and serve it some capacity.

– What more? Bulbourethral sling, artificial sphincter, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, etc. are some of the alternatives available.

If you are looking for some quality incontinence products Australia, then we suggest clicking here and you’ll thank us later. Plus, meditate and do some Yoga around this all.

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