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Top 3 Casinos in Sydney

Top 3 Casinos in Sydney

Although it’s not Australia’s capital – something that a lot of tourists mistakenly believe – Sydney has evolved into one of the most attractive cities for people visiting down under. Right from the revered Royal Botanic Gardens to Darling Harbour to the majestic Sydney Opera House, Sydney offers plenty of interesting destinations and remarkable sights. While a lot of vivid images come to mind whenever you think about Sydney – and casinos are unlikely to be amongst them – it cannot be denied that the city does offer some of the best casino experiences to both travellers as well as local Australians. Let’s take you through the top three casinos that raise the entertainment quotient of the city.

Before we talk about these casinos, it’s important to mention that nowadays when the world is ready and all set to enjoy sky high casino gambling in airplanes, the land-based casinos have also taken a leap forward and offer fresh and innovative experiences to gambling enthusiasts. The casinos that we throw light on below are excellent examples of such establishments.

The Star Casino

Named appropriately, the Star Casino is one of the most extravagant and biggest casinos in Sydney, spanning across an area exceeding 100,000 ft². It houses more than 130 table games and 1400 new age slot machines. There are two gaming floors in this casino and they have expanded their gaming areas lately to ensure that both foreigners as well as locals never run out of any gambling options. Other than the lucrative slot machines, you can also enjoy a wide range of well-known table games like poker, baccarat, craps, blackjack and more.

Regent Seven Sea Voyager

One of the most highly frequented casino establishments, the Regent Seven Sea Voyager is not just favoured by people in Sydney, but all over Australia. This casino is well known for offering a highly personalised and unique gaming experience. The moment you step into this casino you’d know that it’s quite different from the conventional casinos you might have been to.

The casino houses six gaming tables and 25 slot machines, which might seem like fewer to the regular casino visitor, but that’s where the charm of this casino lies! You get to enjoy your favourite gambling options, distant from the hustle and bustle of the crowded casinos in city environments. What also sets it apart is its extremely friendly staff which ensures that your every gambling session is full of excitement, joy and laughter!

Crown Sydney

Despite the fact that this casino is still under construction and has run into some licensing issues, everyone is hoping that it will be complete and open by 2021. The excitement it promises has already made it an integral part of Sydney’s gambling scene.

More than $ 1.5 billion has already been invested into this casino and from the looks of it, it will emerge as a world-class gambling facility capable of giving any reputed casino a run for its money. It will have 75 gaming floors, becoming the tallest casino by any standards. From what has been heard, this casino will be only accessible to VIP gamblers and will justifiably offer the best treatment that any VIP can expect!

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