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Two Of The Most Idyllic Road Trips Around Sydney

Two Of The Most Idyllic Road Trips Around Sydney

As international borders start to re-open, many people are dreaming about hopping on a plane and taking their first international trip in the post-pandemic era. Sydney has been one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet for years, and should be one of the first countries on the list for any international travellers. For anyone already living in Sydney, travelling abroad isn’t a necessity as the city offers some of the best routes for road tripping in the world. If a Sydney road trip is on the horizon, these tips can help ensure you enjoy every second spent behind the wheel.

Before Hitting the Road

There are a few important things that road trippers need to have in check before hitting the wide-open roads of Australia. Making sure that the coolants and fluids in your vehicle are topped up and ensuring that tires are not damaged are hugely important, especially if you’re embarking on a trip of more than 100km. In Sydney, the average cost to tow a car is between $4 – $6 a kilometre (and this increases if you’re off the beaten track), so reducing the chances of a breakdown can save you a lot of money. Once all the pre-road maintenance and check-ups are complete, you will be ready to hit the road.

Brisbane to Sydney – The Ultimate Australian Road Trip

Australia is one of the most unique countries on the planet in terms of the natural vegetation and climate and city placement and urban density. Around 40% of Australia remains uninhabited and The Outback immediately springs to mind when thinking of road trips Down Under. However, one of the most scenic and beautiful road trips is the drive from Brisbane to Sydney. The coastal road that connects the two cities has been described as a rite of passage that must be driven by locals and international visitors looking to explore the country. The trip is around 10 hours long but is filled with things to see and people to talk to along the way.

Grand Pacific Drive to Jervis Bay

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with coastlines, surf spots and harbours for travellers to explore. Jervis Bay is but one of the scenic beaches in the city and it’s known for its white sand and exquisite dolphin watching spots.

The coastal drive between Grand Pacific and Jervis Bay is gorgeous, and many people who live in Sydney consider it a must-do. The famous fish and chips shops in Hussikon are en route too, so you can enjoy another rite of passage when passing by. The drive is around two hours, so you can do them in a day and still have time left over.

Either of these Sydney road trips offers a fantastic way to see this part of the world, and if you can, it’s a great idea to do them both. Prep your car and get ready for a Sydney scenic sightseeing adventure!

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