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V/A: Classic ABC TV and Radio Themes

From the 1940s to the 2000s.

Take a trip down memory lane with this double album of classic ABC TV and radio themes.

Over fifty of Australia’s favourite theme tunes from the 1940s to the 2000s: from iconic 1940s radio programs like Blue Hills and The Country Hour – shows that brought the nation together – to cutting edge news and current affairs with Four Corners, Lateline, Foreign Correspondent and the 7.30 Report; from the powerful TV drama of The Onedin Line and Silent Witness to comedy favourites The Vicar of Dibley and Monty Python’s Flying Circus: the music captures the heart and soul of the show.

This collection allows us not only to revisit the pleasures of the past, but also to admire the artistry and skill of the composers who create them: in just a few brief moments, a theme tune has to catch and keep the listener’s attention, put us in the right mood, fix itself in our memories, and, above all, be a pleasure to hear – all this, often in as little as 30 seconds! Composers like Bruce Smeaton, George Dreyfus and Rick Turk deserve to be celebrated, and ABC Classics is proud to give them this opportunity to step into the spotlight.

There is also music by more familiar composers – Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert and Strauss, to name just a few: their music already has a rich life in the concert hall, but there is a special magic in choosing just the right piece for the right show. This album features a selection of theme tunes from the classical music world, in their original full-length versions.

Dip in for your favourites, or enjoy the full journey through 60 years of ABC programs. These classic TV and radio themes have become a part of our lives, and this fascinating collection is sure to captivate and delight.


CD 1

  1. ABC Radio News: Majestic Fanfare (Williams)
  2. Brideshead Revisited (Burgon)
  3. Your Requests: Bergamasca (Respighi)
  4. Late Night Live: Russian Rag (Kats-Chernin)
  5. Books and Writing: String Quartet (Ravel)
  6. The Vicar of Dibley (Goodall)
  7. Gardening Australia (Turk)
  8. Countrywide (Ansell & Wall)
  9. Patrol Boat (Smeaton)
  10. Four Corners: The Lost Patrol (Maxwell)
  11. Four Corners: Theme (Turk)
  12. Lateline (Ansell & Wall)
  13. Foreign Correspondent (Turk)
  14. 30 Report (Smith)
  15. Phoenix (Grabowsky)
  16. Jazztrack: Windows of Arques (Rohde)
  17. Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypotheticals (Turk)
  18. Silent Witness: Silencium (Harle)
  19. Sunday Afternoon: Penguin Ballet (Westlake)
  20. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Nunc dimittis (Burgon)
  21. Reilly, Ace of Spies: Romance from The Gadfly (Shostakovich)
  22. Seven Little Australians (Smeaton)
  23. Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Liberty Bell March (Sousa)
  24. Holiday with Bill Peach (Hocking)
  25. Weekend Magazine: Sunspot (Osborne)
  26. Parkinson (Stoneham)
  27. Wildside (Best)


CD 2

  1. Pot Black: Black and White Rag (Botsford)
  2. Mother and Son: I Want a Girl (Tilzer)
  3. The Onedin Line: Spartacus (Khachaturian)
  4. Rush (Dreyfus)
  5. Waiting for God: Trout Quintet – Finale (Schubert)
  6. All Creatures Great and Small: Piano Parchment (Pearson)
  7. Sporting Highlights: Thunder & Lightning Polka (Strauss)
  8. Music for Pleasure: Rondo in B-flat major (Beethoven)
  9. Match of the Day (Stoller)
  10. The Argonauts (Fraser)
  11. The Country Hour: Merrymakers’ Dance (German)
  12. Hospital Half Hour: Melody on the Move (Richardson)
  13. Mr Squiggle (J & G Ayling)
  14. Bananas in Pyjamas (Blyton)
  15. Play School (Gambleton & Connelly)
  16. A Gondola on the Murray: Violin Concerto in D major (Vivaldi)
  17. Music Deli: Bulgar Frailach (Trad)
  18. New Music Australia: To the Gods (Chesworth)
  19. Power without Glory (Dreyfus)
  20. For the God Who Sings: Te Deum – Prelude (Charpentier)
  21. 1915 (Smeaton)
  22. 2000 Olympics (O’Boyle)
  23. Bellbird: Up Country (May)
  24. Blue Hills: Pastorale (Hanmer)
  25. The Timeless Land (Smeaton)
  26. ABC TV News (Ansell & Wall)
  27. ABC Station ID (Kitney)


Classic ABC TV and Radio Themes from the 1940s to the 2000s is available now.

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