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Wolf Creek 2: Review

Wolf Creek 2: Review

Starring: John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon, Ashlyn, Gerard Kennedy, Shane Connor, Philipe Klaus (Rated MA – 104 min).

In 2005, Wolf Creek was a booming box office success as word spread that this new Australian outback thriller was scaring away tourists. The film made headline news, certain cinemas placed health warning signs up in the foyer and a public outcry attempted to ban the film altogether. People were literally storming out of the cinema in disgust while one of our longest serving nice guy actors John Jarratt couldn’t walk down the street without people becoming nervous. Even shock tactic directing maestro Quentin Tarantino claimed Wolf Creek as brilliant. That endorsement went global and propelled Wolf Creek into instant notoriety.

Nine years later, Mick Taylor, the twisted sadistic larrikin cowboy who uses backpackers as hunting game, is back. This time around the opening credits have hardly begun when the nastiness begins and the body count starts. Mick’s latest prey begins with a pair of young lovers from Germany minding their own business camping out under the stars. It doesn’t take long for the horrendous situation to escalate after a simple meeting with Mick who makes some outrageous quotes on top of reacting however he wants to any sudden movements. Usually violently.

This sequel is more of a road movie with Mick not only cruising around in his beat up ute jingling with dangling chains and tools, he also drives a semi trailer, gets on horseback and uses a new weapon of choice, a cracking bull-whip. Mick also has a nemesis this time, unsuspecting at first but his prisoner turns the tables and fights back with furious anger. A British tourist, Paul (Ryan Corr of Packed to the Rafters fame) is a passerby who becomes thrusted into Mick’s psychotic world, eventually being captured and set up for torture. This is not pretty but an hilarious scene for all the wrong reasons. Cricket references and even a sing-along of sorts become part of the madness. It’s a house of horrors style elongated scene that pushes the limit of what can be displayed in an MA rated film.

Cinematography of the South Australian outback is simply beautiful on the big screen. The Flinders ranges during the truck chase scenes, reminiscent of Steven Speilberg’s film Duel, are a particular standout. Beware of wayward Kangaroos is all I will say during that unpredictable moment. See this at your own peril, a third film is already in the works.

Shane A. Bassett

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