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Zootopia: Review

Zootopia: Review

Starring: Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin, J.K Simmons, Kristen Bell, Octavia Spencer, Idris Elba, Shakira (Rated PG – 108 min).

In a world where animals of all shapes, sizes and dietary preferences live in harmony, Disney have done it again. This latest offering from the mouse house is sparkling with laughs amongst an intriguing detective style conspiracy story involving natural enemies – a bunny and a fox working together.

Keen-eyed viewers of Disney’s Big Hero 6 (2014) may remember a scene where during a fly by under a bridge, a Zootopia poster can be seen. Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) has always looked out for the less fortunate and dreamt of being a police officer in the big city, leaving her 225 bunny brothers and sisters behind on the farm. She pursuits the police academy graduating top of the class.

Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) a cynical shifty con artist fox who is unintentionally lured into joining forces with the rookie bunny cop to check out some strange things happening that are turning certain mammal citizens against each other. These two play off each other with magical chemistry, precision of their quips are hilarious and respect. Bunny is infectious with fantastic optimism, Disney continues their strong female role models for little girls to look up to with encouragement to be or do whatever they wish for.

There is much to take in throughout. Just when you thought you have seen everything Zootopia metropolis has to offer, the pair visit Sahara or Rainforest boroughs accommodating the appropriate wildlife. It’s clever.

Scattered with pop culture references for keen-eyed adults, my pick is the Breaking Bad homage two Rams deliver coffee (listen carefully to their names). Welcomed by some but unusual for a Disney film, there are limited musical interludes. Only the repeated theme by pop star Shakira has any impact. Ironically, Kristen Bell as Princess Anna in Frozen is a fast-talker, here as Priscilla she voices a slow talking three toed sloth

Zootopia sets the bar high for all upcoming Easter school holiday movies. Judy and Nick have an alliance to make everyone feel good, take the kids take the whole family this is a grand animated adventure sure to spring a sequel and a new range of toys to collect.

Shane A. Bassett

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