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4 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

4 Most Dangerous Airports In The World

When we travel, we always carefully choose the hotel and places we will visit. However, we never think about which airport we are staying at. Few people know that there are airports in the world so dangerous that pilots cannot land in them without a special license. We will talk about the four most dangerous airports in the world in this article. And if you, like the pilots of these airports, want to experience the thrill – you can go to the Avalon78 Casino website.

Tenzing and Hillary Airport in Nepal

In eastern Nepal, there is a dangerous and extreme airport – this is the airport named after Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary. They gained worldwide fame as the first conquerors of Everest. Until 2008, the airfield was known as Lukla Airport.

The length of the runway is only 527 meters and is located at a slope of 12 ° – because of this, its ends have a 60-meter difference in height.

Due to the complex landscape in Nepal, one end of the runway is used for landings, located on the edge of a cliff 700 m deep, and for takeoffs, the other is located at the foot of a ridge 4000 m high.

This airport deserves the title of “the most extreme airport in the world” for one more reason: takeoffs and landings are carried out only according to visual flight rules since only a radio station is used here from all known navigation systems.

Matekane airstrip in the Kingdom of Lesotho

The airport in the Kingdom of Lesotho is not quite an airport in the usual sense. The runway is 400 meters long and ends with a cliff 600 meters deep.

A flying machine can rarely accelerate and rise in height before this streak ends. During the development of the project, the engineers assumed that to gain the required height during takeoff, the aircraft would go into free fall.

In 2009, this extreme airport was banned from domestic and international air travel. But this dangerous and extreme airport continues to be used to carry out private flights of small aircraft.

Paro Airport in the Kingdom of Bhutan

Paro Airport is located 6 km from the city of Paro and is surrounded by mountain peaks of the Himalayas 5 km high.

This location was the reason that this airport is recognized as the most extreme for landings. To land at this airport, the crew has to make incredible turns through the mountains. The takeoff is no less scary and dangerous: the plane flies in a spiral right above the airport, gradually gaining altitude and rising over the Himalayas. Such tricks are possible only during the day and only under good weather conditions.

Around the world, only a few pilots (8 to 25 professionals according to various sources) are licensed and authorized to perform such fast and extreme maneuvers in dangerous conditions.

Paro Airport in Bhutan holds the position of the leader in the list of the most dangerous airports in the world.

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