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A note about Toronto and Calgary

A note about Toronto and Calgary

Calgary in Canada has been quite hot in recent times according to an old football buddy that moved from Toronto to Calgary seven or eight years ago. Today we’re going to briefly discuss some of the differences between Toronto and Calgary.

In terms of the size, Toronto and Calgary are not in the same weight class as Canada’s largest cities. Toronto, the political and economic centre, has more than six million people, more job opportunities and a richer life. Calgary’s sole industry mainly depends on energy, has 1.5 million people and not as many jobs. In fact, many people are forced to leave because they cannot find a suitable job in Calgary for several years – an important reason for the loss of Calgary’s population.

Climate wise, although Calgary is warm, it’s still colder in winter overall. Tuolumne has been about 10 degrees above zero weather in recent times while Calgary has been more than 10 below zero. Due to the influence of the warm current, winter is cold for a week, and hot the other.

When the temperature plunged and covered the place in snow, it impacted driving safety. In order to save costs, sand and gravel was spread on the road to prevent skidding. But then dirt could fly up and break the rear car windshield.

Winter fires are an issue as well as nosebleeds. Overall, northerners should be able to adapt but southerners, not as much.

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