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Alex Formosa Baudo

Alex Formosa Baudo

Communication: The Marc Hunter Songbook.

Alex Formosa was born in Rome, Italy, in 1962, but has lived for the most part of his life in North America and Australia, where he has pursued professionally his love of music and musical performance. Over the years Alex has released many records, his latest success being “Honesty,” and from this inspired ‘COMMUNICATION The Marc Hunter Songbook’.

In addition to the live ‘Communication’ performance, Alex has also been working on this album featuring some of the songs that the audience will hear in the show. The project has been a lot of work but one that is very close to his heart as ‘Communication’ is dedicated to his very good friend, Marc Hunter, which acknowledges the important role Marc played on his own musical style.

‘The idea is to try to recreate the live renditions as near as possible on a CD. It will be about a ten track CD featuring all the tunes from the show except for one which will be a song that I wrote with Marc and his wife Wendy. I recorded that a while ago in Italian and it was basically a song that Marc had a rough sketch of. I found this cassette at the Hunters’ house after Marc passed away and it was just a rough little sketch that Marc had. I really liked it and basically I finished it off in Italian. Everyone was grieving around that time so I wrote it about Marc’s passing. His last wish was to be buried at a certain spot in southern NSW. In English it was “Fly Away” so it’s basically a translation of what he was thinking at the time. It’s a pretty moving kind of song, especially if you know the Italian language. Basically he’d had enough of the pain and suffering and he wanted to move on to another place. When we started recording this album, we had about twenty five songs to choose from so we had to narrow it down to ten and of course the show has about twenty songs anyway and we added another five and we thought: “How are we going to work this out?” And of course we don’t want to make it a complete cover of the original. That would be silly because the songs are so strong just as they are. So we decided to record my renditions of the songs because we wanted to have that’ – Alex Formosa Baudo.

This collection of songs is just a little portion of what a gifted, fantastic talent we lost way too soon. Special and always in our hearts!

Track Listing:
1. Communication
2. Big City Talk
3. Rain
4. Magic
5. Smoke
6. A Losers Game
7. This Time
8. Here Am I
9. Are You Old Enough
10. April Sun In Cuba
11. Volo Via

Communication is available now.

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