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Aussie Made Loo Rolls Supporting Pets & Wildlife

Aussie Made Loo Rolls Supporting Pets & Wildlife

About A Dog is Australia’s latest subscription-based, sustainably produced loo brand that is on a mission to support Aussie causes above all else and is here to change our relationship with loo paper.

Started in 2021 by childhood best friends Dominic (Dom) Chetcuti and Jarryd (Jaz) Tierney, About A Dog is the first subscription-based loo paper brand founded in direct partnership with RSPCA NSW. As part of this partnership, 50% of all profits will go directly to caring for our local pets and wildlife with the goal of one day partnering with all branches of RSPCA in Australia.

“There is nothing us Aussies love more than our pets and that’s why we decided to partner with RSPCA NSW,” says Dom. “In addition to donating 50% of all our profits, we’ve also committed to an ongoing donation to RSPCA NSW, regardless of our sales because at the end of the day, supporting them is what’s important to us.”

The idea for About A Dog came about after Dom and Jaz saw the support that local organisations provided to the community over the past years, realising the role of businesses within a community is to come together and overcome adversity. It was at this moment the two brought together their backgrounds to create a brand dedicated to this mission.

“I was working in the NSW South Coast during the Black Summer Bushfires. After seeing the devastation it left, my perspective on the role of businesses within a community changed,” says Jaz. “I wanted to do more, so I spoke to Dom, who is the CEO of a local toilet roll manufacturer. We decided to use our backgrounds to build a brand that builds up communities.”

Being Australian made is a big deal for About A Dog. Every toilet roll, tissue box and paper towel are manufactured in Sydney. By manufacturing locally, they can create more Aussie jobs, promote local industry, and directly assist the people around them. Their manufacturing partner currently employs over 28 full-time and casual staff members, all located in Sydney.

Manufacturing in Sydney also means About A Dog can be directly involved in the manufacturing process to offer better quality control, respond quickly to customer feedback, and ensure the best sustainability practices are followed.

“Manufacturing locally allows us to minimise the carbon footprint from shipping and importing materials,” says Dom. “It also means we can ensure the best sustainability standards are followed which includes recycling every offcut and trimming, using FSC Certified 100% recycled raw materials, using paper packaging tape and even cleaning our vehicles with recycled rainwater.”

About A Dog’s goal is to continue growing in the sustainability space and while they are only offering toilet rolls at the start, they are currently working on a range of products, including sustainable pet products. They are currently only available in NSW but Dom and Jaz plan to take About A Dog to all of Australia and support every RSPCA branch across the country.

Current Products (Toilet Rolls, 360 Sheets)

– 48 Roll Pack – $54.00
– 24 Roll Pack – $33.00
– 12 Roll Pack – $21.00

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