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Barker’s New Zealand

Barker’s New Zealand

Nearly 12 months in the making, Barker’s New Zealand have developed a new range of Squeezed Fruit + Botanicals crafted cordial with 25% less sugar than the original recipes, no added preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners after listening to Australians who want a healthy more ‘adult’ drink to flavour their water.

The range consists of more sophisticated and contemporary flavours whilst finding new twists on traditional favourites, and thanks to careful fruit and botanical selection and reduced sugar, the result is a drier more refined cordial. Barker’s New Zealand is proud to announce their new 500ml Squeezed Fruit + Botanical flavours:

Barker’s New Zealand Squeezed Lemon with Lime Cucumber and Mint
Barker’s New Zealand Squeezed Blackcurrants
Barker’s New Zealand Squeezed Redcurrants with Cranberry and Pomegranate

The team at Barker’s New Zealand are excited to have created the new range which they confidently describe as “being right on trend, and as good as other craft cordials selling for twice as much at a farmers market.”

That is a big claim but if anyone should know then Michael Barker would. Michael has been living and breathing berries, juicing and bottling since being a boy in shorts learning skills from his late father, and is driven to deliver great tasting, great tasting products that have never been done before.

Michael says “After more than 47 years on the corner of the original family farm, this range has been crafted with the same care and consideration as the early days. Barker’s still use careful fruit selection and considered blending to achieve the very best flavours, still wherever possible, sourcing fruit from New Zealand growers all around the country.”

Barker’s New Zealand Premium Crafted Cordials (RRP: $6.00), Size: 500ml, Yield: 17 glasses per bottle. Available in the cordial aisle at Coles.

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