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Beak & Sons

Beak & Sons

BBQ’s are heating up across the nation as summer is finally here. However, the question everyone is asking is what is the perfect way to eat a sausage?

Purveyor of gourmet sausages, Beak & Sons recently conducted a survey of over 100 Australians aiming to find out the perfect way Australians want their sausage.

‘It is official, Australia is a nation of sausage lovers,’ comments Beak & Sons Marketing Manager Giselle Rodriguez. ‘More than half of the participants preferring a good BBQ sausage over a burger this summer’. 77% of those interviewed agree that sausages are quintessential for a good ‘ol traditional Aussie BBQ.

Traditional beef sausages came in as the favourite taking in 56% of the responses with second to that loving new gourmet flavours like chicken and mushroom, gaining 17% of the responses. ‘This comes as no surprise really,’ comments Ms. Rodriguez, ‘We have found an increased popularity of the Beak and Sons gourmet flavours since our release only a few months ago. People love our traditional beef, but are also looking for something a little different that adds a bit of flare to their BBQ menus’.

Beak & Sons is famous for using only the freshest ingredients in their gourmet, naturally gluten free range, boasting a high meat content with no added artificial flavours, colours or MSG. The Beak & Sons range of sausages is the result of over 120 years spent refining the craft of sausage creating.

But what do Australian’s like with their sausage? 58% will never eat their sausage without tomato sauce – with BBQ sauce a close second at 43%. 59% prefer caramelized onion on their sausage sandwich, with cheese (40%) and tomatoes (18%) next in line. 43% of respondents love their sausages cooked slow on low and juicy on the inside.

‘That’s definitely the right way to enjoy Beak & Sons sausages!’ continues Ms Rodriguez, ‘When putting your sausages on the BBQ or in the frypan we always recommend to cook them slow and low – turn regularly (every two minutes) and NEVER pierce the skin! This is important, as it will keep the flavour and all the delicious juices inside the sausage for you to enjoy. Your sausage should be ready in around 12 to 15 minutes.’

However, 20% of Aussies prefer their sausages cooked fast and furious, burnt and crunchy on the outside. ‘Well, our sausages will taste great, however you decide to cook them!’ laughs Ms Rodriguez. Finally, what do we wrap these perfect cooked sausages in? 33% want them wrapped in a bread roll with only 28% wanted that roll toasted! 4% just eat the sausage alone. Nothing else!

Beak & Sons Gourmet Range of Sausages are available in all good supermarkets throughout NSW, VIC, QLD and Tasmania.

Follow Beak and Sons on Facebook for recipe inspiration and competitions or jump on their website and learn about how they have been creating famous, gourmet sausages for Australian’s for over 120 years!

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