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Beat Inactivity with a Standing Desk

Beat Inactivity with a Standing Desk

The popularity of standing desks is on the rise – fitting since they will literally have you rising off your chair. But many of us are still hunched over our screens, living sedentary lives and in turn, ruining our posture. Add to that:

– Chronic Disease: People who sit a lot tend to die earlier. Excessive sitting is associated with premature mortality from all causes, and the development of the “big three” killer diseases: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

– Obesity and Weight Gain: Calorie burning, and fat metabolism practically shut down when you sit for too long, which can lead to conditions like metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

– Back Pain: Excessive sitting can lead to or exacerbate chronic back and neck pain. Our bodies aren’t meant to remain in any static position for hours at a time.

– Depression: Too little physical activity not only leads to current depressive symptoms, but also increases the likelihood of future symptoms.

– Low Energy and Productivity: Sitting may be the reason for your afternoon slump. Many standing desk users report an increase in energy, focus and productivity.

To combat this, Varidesk have introduced a range of standing desk converters which try to reverse some of these negative effects. These slot onto existing desks, require no assembly and will move you from sitting to standing in under three seconds. The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is one of their best-selling models and it’s no surprise to see why. You will feel and notice the benefits within days of using it.

According to the University of Leicester, UK, using one of these desks will increase productivity by a whopping 43%. It will also reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and burn up to an additional 50 calories per hour. Over a year, you could potentially burn the same calories as you would running 18+ marathons, cycling 1500 km or swimming 170km!

The Varidesk comes fully assembled so you simply place it on a flat surface and adjust it to your liking as you use it. We recommend alternating frequently which will get you moving more and have you achieving the most benefits. The ProPlus 36 has a two-tier design featuring an upper display surface with enough space to fit two monitors and a lower keyboard/mouse deck that gives you plenty of room for basics and accessories with the added convenience of never having to move any components when raising or lowering it.

With 11 height settings, support of up to 15.8 kg and a spring-assisted lift, this will get you moving in no time. Being too tightly chained to our desks is clearly bad for our minds and our physical health so make the change and pick up a standing desk today.

The Varidesk Pro Plus 36 is available in white, black or dark wood from

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