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Bra Voe


Women around the globe are sick of spending thousands of dollars on beautiful bras only for them to be ruined because there is no suitable storage solution. Introducing Bra-Voe, a stylish solution for bra storage that is revolutionary, funky, fabulous and designed by a woman.  Designed in Australia, there is no other product like it anywhere in the world.

Founder of Bra-Voe, Helena Crumpton said, “How many years have we wrestled with tangled bras in our drawers? Often we only wear the ones sitting on top of the mess in our bra drawer. I’m sure we have all looked for that little black strapless one and found it caught at the back of the drawer.” Bra-Voe allows women to organise, display and easily browse through their bras while maintaining their shape and contour using the specially designed cup moulds. This patented design helps to organise your bras and prevent them from being damaged.

“I created Bra-Voe so women never have to wrestle with a messy bra drawer again. Now you can have them all displayed, so it’s easy to choose the one you want,” said Ms Crumpton.  Made from extremely durable polycarbonate, Bra-Voe is perfect for any wardrobe as it can be placed in a drawer, on a shelf, mounted on the wall or behind a door. Bra-Voe is a great gift for any women as it comes in a gorgeous gift box to make every women feel special and pampered.

It’s available in black or white and comes in three sizes, Sweet, Sassy and Laveesh.


Bra-Voe is a clever and stylish solution for bra storage. It organises your bra collection and also prevents them from being damaged. Founder Helena Crumpton, spent five years perfecting the innovative concept, which uses specially designed moulded cups to maintain the shape and contour of bras. The perfect gift for any women, Bra-Voe can be mounted on a wall, in a drawer or on a shelf and is available in three sizes.

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