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Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter

The Only Man Feared by the Walking Dead.

Captain Kronos (Horst Janson), a vampire hunter and expert swordsman who, with the assistance of the beautiful gypsy Carla (Caroline Munro; The Spy Who Love Me, Maniac) and his hunchbacked assistant, roam the country in search of vampires. On their travels, the trio happens upon a village where they find that a vampire has been draining the youth from beautiful, young girls. Devising a daring plan, Captain Kronos and his aids attempt to save the village before the death toll equals the population.

– Featurette ‘Captain Kronos Reunion’
– 2 x Commentary Tracks
– Animated picture gallery

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter is available now on DVD.

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