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Chrome App Launcher

Chrome App Launcher

Do you love your Windows Operating System phone or computer but are still pining for Angry Birds and Chrome? Well, Chrome has an app for that.

The Chrome App Launcher, available in your friendly Windows store, comes with sneaky packages: more apps. Now you can have a Windows OS gadget without compromising on apps (or the lack of). On top of that, a sweetener for you and me, the application can run offline! Yes these packaged apps do not require an internet connection after you have it installed. So now, you can watch Youtube videos, check your Gmail or connect to your Google Drive from one app.

But, you need to have Chrome app installed to be able to access all these goodies. So, it is a way to encourage people to try its web platform and tweak any problems before Chrome/ Google launches its own operating system.  To Google, it is a win- win situation, but I wonder what Windows’ next step will be?

Ailyn Koay

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