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Dare Cold Pressed Coffee

Dare Cold Pressed Coffee

Go cold on coffee this summer with Australia’s first cold-pressed coffee available outside specialist coffee stores, DARE Cold Pressed Coffee. Blended with just three natural ingredients – premium Arabica coffee, fresh milk and raw sugar, DARE Cold Pressed Coffee provides a refreshing alternative to hot coffee.

The DARE Cold Pressed Coffee process lasts more than 12 hours and includes the coffee beans being infused in cold water giving a smoother, richer coffee experience with no bitterness. It’s a technique that has impressed 2013 Australian Barista Champion, Matt Perger of award-winning St Ali Café in Melbourne who will soon open a branch in Bondi later this month.

“By taking the heat out of the process, you preserve the grounds in their natural state, locking in flavour,” says Perger. “The Cold Pressed technique is seen as the most superior form of coffee extraction and is the reason coffee can be served cold,” he explains.

Enjoyed as a chilled afternoon pick-me-up, Dare Cold Pressed provides a substantial caffeine kick, with all the sophisticated flavour of a handcrafted coffee. Dare Cold Pressed comes in two flavours; Classic Full Bodied, a well-rounded, perfectly balanced blend and Strong Dark Roast, a rich and intense blend.

Available now, it comes in a sleek 320ml bronze metal finish bottle with a retail price of $3.49 and is available from local grocery, convenience and coffee outlets.

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