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Digital Marketing 101: Reaching New Customers for Your Sydney Business

Digital Marketing 101: Reaching New Customers for Your Sydney Business

To reach customers in Australia, Sydney businesses must be online. With statistics showing that 89% of Australians, some 20.5 million people, use the internet regularly, and 80% of Australians use social media, going digital is a must for business marketing in Sydney. Fortunately, digital marketing is an affordable and effective part of business marketing plans.

Business owners in Sydney are most likely experts in the products and services their Sydney businesses offer, but they might not be experts in business marketing. These tips might help Sydney business owners reach new customers by meeting them where they spend part of most days: online. Most of these steps can be done by business owners themselves, a plus for startups.

Identify Target Markets

To get the most from marketing, business owners should first identify target markets. Who is most likely to be interested in the business’s products and services? Identifying that target audience helps companies understand how best to market themselves since various demographic groups use the internet and social media differently. For example, younger audiences favour TikTok videos while their parents and grandparents prefer Facebook.

Elements of Digital Marketing 

With the vast majority of Australia and 60% of the world online, digital marketing is a must. The first step is creating a digital storefront ‒ a business website. Creating social media accounts for a business can also drive prospective customers back to the company website, where they can learn more, browse, or place an order. In addition to local marketing such as direct mail or outdoor advertising, digital advertising on sites such as Google or Instagram can expand a company’s reach in Sydney and around the world.

Benefits of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing has multiple marketing advantages for Sydney businesses. These include the affordability of social media advertising, the ability to target different groups of potential customers, and the ease and speed of communication with customers through emails, texts, social media, and e-newsletters. With clever and advanced processes such as data valuation and commercialisation, businesses can access the full potential of the digital assets they acquired through the years. Customer care and support online can increase the speed and efficiency of a business. With so much of Australia online, successful Sydney marketing should include an online component.

Sydney’s Bright Future 

As Australia’s financial centre and one of the world’s leading business communities, Sydney is a thriving commercial centre. For companies in Sydney, the infrastructure and high-speed internet service needed for successful business operations are available. So is a multitude of potential customers who can be reached online.

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