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Underground Spirits

Enjoy the Spirit of Canberra this summer with Underground Spirits Coffee Vodka

Espresso Martinis are all the rage now, and not surprising considering how utterly delicious they are. But have you ever tried one made with Underground Spirits Coffee Vodka? Now you’re really talking.

Underground Spirits is Canberra’s very own 100% Australian made and owned distiller of award-winning premium vodka and gin. It is a friends and family business about invention and unwavering passion.

Underground Spirits has won several major international spirits competitions, making them Canberra’s most awarded spirits brand. Their range is garnering quite the name for itself with their signature vodka and gin, coffee vodka, shiraz & pepperberry gin and caramel vodka now on the menu at some of the best hotels, bars and liquor outlets in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

But, back to that aforementioned coffee vodka. Underground Spirits teamed up with Bellerophon Coffee, the specialty cold brew coffee house in Canberra, to create this truly unique and original recipe – their Vodka with Cold Brew Coffee. And we guarantee you’ve never tasted anything quite like it.

Underground Spirits took their multi award-winning vodka before infusing it in the Bellerophon cold brewed coffee process, macerating it for 24 hours to extract the flavour of the coffee. The cold brew coffee is made using single origin sustainably farmed and produced coffee, and they can identify down to the farmer where the coffee beans have come from.

A word of warning, this vodka is not for sweet tooths. With a complexity and the taste of nuts and dark chocolate, with red fruits in the background, there is absolutely no added sugar in this product apart from naturally occurring sugar from the cold brew process.

Dr Toby Angstmann, Co-Founder and Innovator for Underground Spirits says, “We had always spoken about doing a coffee vodka but we really wanted to do something different. As soon as we met Alex from Bellerophon we knew we had to collaborate to create something truly unique. We wanted to make a vodka for coffee purists, not as sweet as some of the products on the market. This was our aim because we thought given our vodka’s purity we could achieve something really special. The end result is a wonderful marriage between two artisans, one making coffee and one making spirits, building complementary complexity and flavours together.”

Alex Leech from Bellerophon says, “The most apparent synergy between Underground Spirits and Bellerophon is the fine balance of art and science in both the coffee and distilling industries. We both walk this line constantly as a part of our core values.”

Don’t believe Toby and Alex? Grab yourself a bottle, or a few for good measure (you know, because it’s Christmas time) and get mixing. Here’s our recipe for THE BEST Espresso Martini you’ll ever taste:

Underground Espresso Martini

20 ml Fresh Espresso
30ml Underground Spirits Coffee Vodka
30ml Underground Caramel Vodka
10ml Sugar Syrup

Measure everything into a cocktail shaker. Shake hard with ice and double strain into a martini glass, garnish with 3 coffee beans. Dreamy!

Underground Spirits is available at select Sydney bars and boutique liquor stockists, and online.

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