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FuelBox Launches in Australia

FuelBox Launches in Australia

In a digital age where small screens dominate down time, FuelBox is set to remind Australian couples about the importance of one-on-one meaningful conversation.

The little box of conversation starters is an Australian first in providing back to basics, no distraction, interaction between couples, to help nurture open dialogue and deeper communication.

Founded in Norway, FuelBox is a toolbox providing 170 open questions in 10 different categories to encouraging reflective dialogue between partners through face-to-face conversations.

According to Relationships Australia 2011 research, the second most common reason for relationship breakdown is communication difficulties. Supporting this finding is an observational study in Psychological Science which claims that people are happier when spending their time discussing meaningful topics rather than engaging in small talk.

“We live in an age where spending time online is more and more prevalent – you only need to look around a café to see the increasing amount of time people are spending on their smart-phones,” says Maya Broers, owner of FuelBox Australia.

“For this reason it is becoming progressively important to sit down with our partners and enjoy screen free time where meaningful conversation can develop. Conversations in a relationship are so important because our deepest need is to be heard and we all need to be acknowledged, especially by our partner.”

Communication is a practiced skill and through the open nature of FuelBox questions partners are able to exercise this skill; making the difficult matters that arise in a relationship easer to talk about.

FuelBox is available in Couple, Family, Team and Leadership versions exclusively from

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