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Get A Grip On Your Handwriting

Get A Grip On Your Handwriting

Most of us these days are used to a quick ‘tap and go’ on the keyboard and so it’s hardly surprising if you’ve noticed your handwriting skills declining.  Enter Dr Grip 4+1, a new ergonomically designed pen featuring a wide-set barrel and cushioned grip to help alleviate writing fatigue so you can get your handwriting back on track.

“We conducted a survey of more than 1200 Australians and found that whilst 90 per cent said they prefer to handwrite to do lists, greeting cards and notes, almost half had said they had noticed a decline in their handwriting ability as a result of regular keyboard use,” said Barbara Oliver, marketing manager, Pilot Pen Australia.

Ms Oliver pointed out that loss of strength through lack of practise and sometimes old age or medical conditions such as arthritis, can lead to a weak pen-hold causing slow or shaky handwriting. “If your handwriting needs assistance, then Dr Grip 4+1 is your answer,” said Ms Oliver.

This multifunctional pen features a choice of four ballpoint ink colours in one barrel; blue, black, red and green, plus a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and a concealed eraser beneath the cap.  Just click on the pocket clip to activate the pencil for your one-stop writing and drawing pen.

With an extensive range of barrel colours: silver, white, blue, lime green, pink, light blue, champagne gold and Bordeaux red, there is a colour to suit everyone, or mix and match across the range for a stylish and practical handbag accessory.  Dr Grip also makes a fabulous gift.

Priced at $21, Dr Grip 4+1 is available from Officeworks.

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