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Good Time

Good Time

After a botched bank robbery lands his vulnerable younger brother in prison, small-time hustler Connie (ROBERT PATTINSON) is plunged into the buzzing labyrinth of New York’s underworld in an increasingly desperate attempt to free the only family he has.

With an award-winning score by ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER and breakout performances from Pattinson and Ben Safdie as Connie’s brother Nick, GOOD TIME recalls the grit and urgency of ‘70s New Hollywood films such as Taxi Driver, Mean Streets and Dog Day Afternoon. GOOD TIME also stars Jennifer Jason Leigh.

GOOD TIME is anchored by a magnificent lead performance by Robert Pattinson. As the city conspires against him, Pattinson’s breathless portrayal of Connie’s mounting desperation drives the story with whirlwind pace and energy — culminating in what many are calling the superstar’s finest performance to date.

Pattinson is nearly unrecognisable in the role of Connie, brooding in peroxided bangs, oversized hoodies and a tough Brooklyn accent that feels worlds away from his British prep-school upbringing and TWILIGHT SAGA origins. If, like Kristen Stewart before him, Pattinson is set on reinvention, this role will undoubtedly be a crucial one in the process.

GOOD TIME creates an authentic tapestry of indelible faces, places and moods, playing out over the course of a single unforgettable night as its two central characters negotiate various New York City institutions and locales — from jails and hospitals to private homes and a shuttered amusement park — and the everyday people who make these ordinary places burst with life.

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