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Halloween Is Upon Us

Halloween Is Upon Us

It’s official: the spooking season is upon us! As the ghosts and ghouls descend, Warner Bros Consumer Products are locked and loaded with everything a trick or treater needs for Halloween!

Say RIP to mediocre make-believe with costumes to conceal every identity and turn you into your favourite character from Batman to The Joker and Wonder Woman to The Flash. 

Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Deluxe Adult Costume 

As Son of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham clash in the Batman vs Superman movie, they are joined by Diana of Themyscira (a.k.a Wonder Woman) in her classic red, gold and blue costume to settle their differences and work together to quash Lex Luther’s Doomsday plans! Includes: Character Dress, Leggings, Arm Bands, Headpiece.

The Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Adult Costume

The Man of Steel is not the only hero that’s faster than a speeding bullet. In fact, he’s way out of his league when it comes to standing up against the speed of the Flash. You’re tired of everyone always praising other superheroes as being the best super-powered hero and want a shot at proving that there are other costumed crime fighters that are even better, so you decide to suit up in this Men’s Muscle Chest Flash Costume. As the ultimate speed demon, you will don a bright red, full body jumpsuit similar to the real Flash with lightning bolt emblem and accents all around and a pair of bright yellow boot tops that comes included with the matching red headpiece, like Flash’s mask, featuring lightning bolts on each side that go well with the lightning bolt belt that also comes with this getup. Once people see how awesome you look in this Men’s Muscle Chest Flash Costume, they might have second thoughts on who their favourite superhero is.

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