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Healthy Snack Ideas To Beat The 3pm Munchies

Healthy Snack Ideas To Beat The 3pm Munchies

By IsoWhey Dietitian Belinda Reynolds.

To help satisfy your cravings during the afternoon, the office vending machine may seem a convenient place to go, however it is certainly not the most ideal. In order to avoid satisfying your cravings with food options which are likely over-processed, and high in sugar, bad fat and/or salt, it is important to keep healthy options on hand for when that 3pm hunger sets in.

Below are five healthy options you can easily bring into the office to help satisfy your cravings so you won’t be tempted to dive into the office biscuit tin.

1. Natural Greek yoghurt

A big tub of Greek yoghurt will last for ages and it’s a great source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. It’s also easy to divvy it up into small portions, top them with low sugar fresh fruit such as berries and leave them in the work fridge for whenever you’re feeling peckish. If it’s still a little too sour, try adding a small drizzle of honey to sweeten it naturally. Avoid the pre-sweetened yoghurts with added fruit and sugar as although they’re convenient, they often contain as much, if not more, refined sugar as some chocolate bars.

2. Natural ready-made snacks

These are so easy because you can buy a box to leave in the pantry, then grab them and throw them in your bag as you need them. There’s no pressure to eat them as if you don’t end up feeling hungry, they will last more than just a day and don’t need to be kept in a fridge. My favourites are the new IsoWhey Wholefoods Superfood Snacks as they’re gluten free, dairy free, completely natural, they taste amazing and they’re loaded with plenty of extra nutrients from the superfood ingredients.

3. Boiled eggs

Simple but effective, hard boiled eggs are high in protein and make a perfect afternoon snack. They’re easy to prepare the night before and taste great when refrigerated or heated up. If you leave them in their shells they stay fresh and aren’t too messy, meaning there’s less washing up for you to deal with.

4. Fresh veggies with hummus or mashed avocado

This is a great low-maintenance office snack. It’s easy to prepare as you can chop the veggies at home or in the office, and you can leave the hummus in the fridge, ready to grab whenever you need it. Some ideal veggies for dipping include chopped red capsicum, celery, cucumber or carrots, but you can use whatever you prefer. The combination of vegetables and a healthy dip provides a great blend of nutrients, plus having avocado with carrots has been shown to increase the absorption of some of the beneficial nutrients the vegetable provides. If you’re not a huge fan of hummus and/or avocado, you may want to try a nut butter such as almond or peanut butter as your dip. If you choose a nut butter, aim for no more than a tablespoon at a time due to the higher fat concentration.

5. Blackberries

Blackberries are very low in in sodium and they are also rich in bioflavonoids and Vitamin C. The dark blue colouring of blackberries means that each single berry has one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits! There is a broad range of benefits provided to the body through the consumption of nutrient-dense bright and deep coloured foods. When consumed regularly, and as part of a healthy diet, they can help immune function, brain and skin health, just to name a few. Blend a handful of blackberries into your whey protein smoothie for a high-protein, antioxidant-rich, tasty, fresh and filling snack.

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