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Here's How You Can Make Use Of Leftover Food

Here’s How You Can Make Use Of Leftover Food

Food is a basic need for your daily life. It is a major component that provides you nutrition and energy daily. Hence it is necessary to make good use of it. But due to various reasons such as cooking more than required and forgetting to intake the leftover food, the wastage of food has increased. Food waste is a global issue due to which a certain amount of the population is suffering. It is a shared responsibility of everyone to help solve the issue. While some people are forgetting to intake leftover food, other people are suffering due to scarcity of food. Thus, this blog will share some interesting ways to make use of leftover food.

1. Store leftover aptly

Glass containers are ideal for storing leftovers. They are transparent which helps you to keep track of food items effortlessly. Not to mention that glass containers are also reusable and sustainable. For freezing purposes, you can make use of reusable zip-top gallon bags. You can wash them too and can label them with dates on a piece of tape.

2. Use dinner leftovers for lunch

Waking up in the morning and making fresh food sounds healthy enough. But you can always opt for alternatives to avoid the rush. It takes a lot to be at work on time. To make your day a bit easier, you can always use your leftovers from dinner as your lunch. This way you would be able to save both time and money. Side by side, your food will also get used for good instead of getting wasted.

3. Make soup

You can make soup from the leftover salad. Just puree the vegetables in a blender with 3 to 4 cups of vegetables or chicken broth. Then warm the soup. Have the warm soup with a seasoning of salt and pepper. You can also add croutons or olive oil with a bit of pesto to get the most of the taste out of the soup.

4. Don’t throw them out

Whether you are eating in your home or restaurant, do not throw leftover food in the trash. No piece of food is too little to save for later. Suppose you have only half a slice of pizza from last night. You can always have it for breakfast by making pizza scramble out of it. You can make use of a pizza oven for better taste. Read on the benefits of using an ancient wood-fired pizza oven to acquire more insights.

If you have leftovers in a restaurant, you can always request to take it in a go-to container. When in-house, you can make use of a feasible container. Pack the leftovers after the completion of the meal and then put it in the refrigerator for later use. You can later modify them into tasty dishes of your choice.

5. Use leftover fresh fruits

Start by freezing any berries and whole fruits in small chunks. You can blend them into smoothies or shakes before consuming them for better taste. Other than that, you can make protein mug cakes, chia seed jam, oat flour pancakes as well as high protein banana bread.

6. Cut into pieces and store

Sometimes the food comes in an ample amount. Then it becomes difficult to store the food. In the case of sliced bread, you can cut certain portions for current use and store the rest by putting a sheet of waxed paper in between. Then wrap it and freeze. Not only bread loafs but even tortillas, pita bread and similar kind of items can be preserved in the same way.

Wrapping Up

The habit of consuming leftover food can save both your time and money. Also, it will lessen the wastage of food which would contribute to the issue of scarcity of food. The most important thing to consider while preserving left-over food is to make use of good food handling and storage guidelines. Even in refrigerators, toxic bacteria can grow and infect the food if kept for a longer period. Bonus: Benefits of wood-fired pizza oven

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