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Huntsman Winter's War

Huntsman Winter’s War

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Alexandra Roach, Sam Claflin, Nick Frost (Rated M – 114 min).

Apparently we needed a prequel to the 2012 fantasy hit Snow White and the Huntsman, the fairy tale fantasy mash-up that was enjoyable but does not get richer with each viewing. Returning Australian Chris Hemsworth in a kind of prologue to the previous film that eventually moves into that particular time period.

In a simple backstory more accessible to its predecessor with added star power, we follow a bond of evil sisterhood as they plan to conquer the land while huntsman and his bride Sara (Jessica Chastain) set out on a Lord of the Rings style mission to stop them.

Wicked dialogue abound, Oscar winner Charlize Theron, again an obvious standout as vixen Raveena who likes black magic and chess, while Emily Blunt (Looper, Edge of Tomorrow) plays the leading villain Freya extremely threatening while also showing signs of vulnerability.

It’s girl power and she is the ultimate ice queen but this is no Disney’s Frozen. Great to see a decent huntswoman on hand played by the wonderful Kent thespian Jadey Duffield.

Strained comedy interludes are provided by a bunch of bickering world weary dwarfs and although they are mostly quite amusing, their scenes seem almost out of place with the rest of proceedings. The beautiful twist in the dead wife scenario is a nice touch resonating from the earlier film as Chastain with Hemsworth emulate appealing chemistry.

Costumes by master seamstress Colleen Atwood are emotional eye candy, these medieval outfits are works of art from her atelier, Huntsman leaping around the forest wielding his sword sporting leather garb at one point borderlines upscale fetish design. Theron is scintillating in whatever amazing gown adorning her slinky frame.

The tiresome plot may be drained on originality recalling such genre classics as Excalibur or Ladyhawke but as a fantasy adventure, this is a top notch production and you don’t even need to see the first installment to enjoy.

**The original was the film which broke the heart of Tweens after it was exposed that Brit director Rupert Sanders had an affair with his snow white Kristen Stewart ultimately ending his marriage and her bond between Twilight lover Robert Pattinson**

Shane A. Bassett

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