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THOR Australian Premiere

THOR Australian Premiere: Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Taika Waititi Interviews

The long red carpet at Fox Studios Australia wasn’t traditionally straight as it looped around veering left into a section just before the paparazzi pit on the right. Standing in a position with views of all angles, anticipation ran high before the arrival of special guests. Lovely gold-plated models walked the ruby rug even stopping to say hi to me so I obliged by joining them for a photo. Enjoy my whirlwind interviews with Hulk, the beloved Kiwi director, then Thor.

How big of a career change since becoming Dr. Bruce Banner?

Mark Ruffalo –  It’s changed quite a bit (laughs), get recognised a lot more, I can do a play now if I choose, I can get movies made or be in roles that I would have found particularly hard to land previously. Working for Marvel is like shooting a television show where we only do one episode every three years but get paid the same.

Your thoughts on Sydney so far.

MR – Great, staying at a hotel literally looking at the Opera House, so beautiful.

Working on the film at the Gold Coast was equally the best time. I brought my family to play and surf (laughs), saw koalas, scuba dived, I would make more movies here.

How is this different from previous Thor films?

MR – We have serious talent show up in this one because of Taika and Chris. Fellow actors love them but can’t tell you the cameos, it’s a surprise. It’s a departure for Thor, more vibrant, alive refreshing fun, reinvention almost in the character. Chris is having the best time in his career, it suits him so well, he delivers. Every aspect on a Marvel movie is represented plus more wit, which is actually what we need in this moment in time.

Congratulations on your SPOTLIGHT Oscar nomination too.

MR – Thank you that’s beautiful, what wonderful joy that was.

Thought you may have got one for Just Like Heaven, terrific film.

MR – No I didn’t but wished I had. That’s a great film, thank you for reminding me of it.

How did you originally land this huge project?

Taika Waititi – I pitched a different tone. What I thought the franchise needed, maybe extra humour and more interesting for Chris to change up the character making him a little bit more like us Shane, human.

Plenty of your unique tweaks make it in.

TW – Yes also plenty of Chris’s suggestions, it’s collaborative from everyone bringing something.

Memories of your first day of filming on this set.

TW – Catering was sensational (laughs), more people than I’m used to but fine, not overwhelmed. We were all there to tell a story working together. I loved filming there (Gold Coast), Chris and I have spoken often about going back for another project but of course he only lives half an hour away, he thinks like that (laughs).

Rachel House says hello and I thank you for putting her in the film, she’s choice.

TW – Of course, well always have her as part of my projects and well I could just text her to say hello (laughs) but will say hello back through you.

Did you get a surf in on lunch breaks during filming?

Chris Hemsworth – As often as I could or as soon as the cameras stopped rolling or we had time out, i would hit the waves if time permitted but home is not far away so that helped.

I know you’re on the run to introduce the film, what can you say to Thor fans?

CH – Can’t wait for you to see Ragnarok, it’s the best one yet. Hope you enjoy it as much as we totally all enjoyed making it, thanks for being fans and giving me a job (laughs).

Shane A. Bassett

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