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Identity Thief

Identity Thief: Review

Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman, Amanda Peet, Robert Patrick, Jon Cho (Rated M – 111 mins).

The stealing of one’s identity is a dangerous reality, especially if the recipient of one’s stolen funds is a larger than life character intent to over indulge. Diana (Melissa McCarthy) is one such individual – she runs a credit card scam and travels the countryside on a permanent vacation. Her 24-7 happy hour attitude is about to come to a halt after using the details of mild mannered accountant, Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman). Upon finding out he has been fleeced by a mystery woman using his name for everything from hair appointments to the purchase of a jet ski, the police provide little assistance so Sandy decides to track her down himself.

Approaching the Denver to Miami road trip with a care free twinkling in his eye, Sandy thinks it will be easy. Wrong! Joining the hunt for Diana are a pair of assassins who have been ripped off after buying defective ‘fake’ credit card bundles from her. Cat fighting aside, Sandy and Diane reach an agreement to get her into police custody but not before more than a few mishaps along the way. Without a family of her own, having fun on other people’s money is an excuse for a lonely, friendless Diana to live life the way she has never done before.

Yes, for all its outrageous comical aspects, a sob story emerges as this film gets very heavy on sentiment, attempting to send a message of forgiveness at the same time. Not quite ‘Planes Trains and Automobiles’, this journey of two complete opposites has some irresistible moments. Soon to be seen in ‘The Hangover: Part 3’, Melissa McCarthy is wound up and let go – her rapid fire humour is infectious. How former ‘Teen Wolf too’ Jason Bateman keeps a straight face is amazing.

Weight issues are part of the on-going joke, never more so after Diane picks up Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame in a bar. A warning alarm would have been appreciated, it’s a scene where nudity is played for laughs rather than intimacy. Funnier than most recent comedies, ‘Identity Thief’ is better than average with a steady flow of laughs. Just not one to rush out for…possibly wait for the DVD.

© Shane A. Bassett

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