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Jameson Caskmates

Jameson Caskmates

Jameson unveils the latest addition to their family, Jameson Caskmates in Australia.

This innovative new whiskey combines the richness of stout with the smoothness of Jameson Original, resulting in a unique taste experience for whiskey and craft beer fans alike.

The story of Jameson Caskmates begins in Cork, a proud pocket of Ireland with a long history of brewers and distillers. One night Dave Quinn, Jameson’s Master of Whiskey Science, ran into Shane Long, Head Brewer at local micro-brewery Franciscan Well. While talking shop, they discovered a mutual love of experimentation and a devotion to artfully blending quality ingredients to create something new.

With so much in common, they combined their passion and hatched a plan to send a few Jameson casks to the Franciscan Well Brewery and see how this might influence their craft Irish stout. Neither Head Brewer nor Whiskey Master knew what this experiment would bring, but both men hoped that some Jameson magic might rub off on the fine Irish stout – and they were delighted with the results.

The empty casks journeyed back to the Jameson Distillery after the beer had been bottled, and full of new stout character from their sabbatical at Franciscan Well. The Jameson Master of Whiskey generally prefers not to mess with a good thing, but his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to repeat the experiment – this time re-filling the stout-soaked casks with Jameson Whiskey.

The smooth whiskey that emerged was an undeniable member of the Jameson family, but with additional rich flavours of butterscotch, milk chocolate and coffee.

Whiskey and Stout are destined to continue as individual favourites amongst pub drinking patrons, however, the Caskmates experiment demonstrates how blending two different drink categories can create an exceptionally innovative product and the result being a whiskey which displays a unique fusion of both influences. It pays to be curious!

Jameson Caskmates is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks in order to truly appreciate the new flavours that the stout-finish brings. Naturally, the whiskey also pairs well with its friend and shelf-mate, stout, but its subtle suggestion of hops means that it is also a brilliant accompaniment to IPA and white beer.




40mL Jameson Caskmates
20mL Kahlua
1 dash Angostura bitters


1. Build in a rocks glass over ice and stir gently
2. Garnish with orange peel



15mL Jameson Caskmates
20mL Campari
20mL pink grapefruit juice
80mL Vedett white (or similar)


Build in a highball over ice and stir gently

IPA Fizz


40mL Jameson Caskmates
15mL Creme de Banane
80ml IPA


1. Build in a highball over ice and stir gently
2. Squeeze a wedge of pink grapefruit over the mix
3. Garnish with grapefruit to finish

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