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JULIAN CURWIN: The Mango Balloon Vol 3

JULIAN CURWIN: The Mango Balloon Volume 3

There is no denying the imaginary and extraordinary intertwined talents of musician/composer Julian Curwin. Curwin’s new release – ‘The Mango Balloon: Volume 3’ – exudes no less than the haunting and emotive journeys we are accustomed to experiencing in the music he creates.

“ Attractive melodies materialize and dematerialize, and sounds flutter and float in the guitarist-composer’s delightfully genre-free approach.” – John Shand. The Sydney Morning Herald

The Mango Balloon: Volume 3 is essentially a stripped-back chamber version of Curwin’s other band The Tango Saloon, offering a lighter sound and bringing lounge, exotica and continental jazz to the larger band’s tango/western blend.

Aside from six members from The Tango Saloon, the recordings also feature special guests bringing their own distinct flavour to the music. Volume 1 (2010) features Eddie Bronson on clarinets, adding a touch of klezmer to the mix, and Volume 2 (2012) features folk/rock/pop vocalist and guitarist Brian Campeau.

The special guest for Volume 3 is Shenzo Gregorio (aka Shenton Gregory), violin/viola master well-versed in many exotic musics including gypsy, flamenco and Indian improvisation. He is perhaps best known for playing ‘stunt violin’ in his own project Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra – he and his bandmates soar through the air as they play their unique hybrid of classical and hard rock styles.

With The Mango Balloon: Volume 3, Shenzo plays the viola throughout, and keeps his feet firmly on the ground, though still managers to bring plenty of fireworks to the occasion.

“Sydney would be a duller place without Julian Curwin.” – John Shand. The Sydney Morning Herald

Album Launch: 19th March at Venue 505, 280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills

‘The Mango Balloon Vol 3’ is available now.

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