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Life Concepts

Life Concepts

By Vishwas Doneria.

Understanding the basic concepts is the foundation for stable growth/success. Just imagine your life without knowledge of the basic concepts of life! Life Concepts is focused on the basic concepts of life that we overlook or are unaware about but are required for happiness/success. The goal is to derive easy-to-understand concepts (to provide direction/guidance) after gaining an in-depth knowledge of human nature, material and spiritual world, society’s beliefs, laws of nature, and science of God. This also explains the Enlightenment journey of Author to find the ultimate truth/knowledge, while living a normal life within the society.

Disclosure: All concepts shared are generic, applicable to every person and practical to implement in life. Author Vishwas Doneria himself has already implemented these concepts in his life (along with helping many people) before he decided to share these concepts with everyone. Irrespective of your present beliefs/conditions: The goal is to make the individual self-sufficient (i.e. self-help) to understand the concepts of life. If you believe in God, it’s a journey to restore your natural state from the material world to the highest level of the spiritual world (i.e. Liberation). In general (even if you don’t believe in God), it’s the journey of experiences/concepts to understand the basics about happiness/success (up to its highest/pure level).

This is also helpful anytime you decide to create your fresh beliefs altogether. Life Concepts is also helpful to overcome any existing belief/thought that you want to be free for a long time.Author’s Belief: Knowledge/Concepts can’t be true unless it’s applicable forever to every person.


Author, Vishwas Doneria, was born with the purpose of completing the research on human/society knowledge and of finding the ultimate truth/knowledge and directions about Life. He believes that research/knowledge can’t be true unless it’s applicable forever to every person (not specific to his experience only), and he was totally focused on this research throughout his life. During childhood, he kept collecting all possible knowledge he can get about Life, starting with his parents, elders, teachers, and other successful persons. However, after all his efforts, he couldn’t convince himself with the knowledge he gained because of lack of consistencies and also the knowledge he gained did not match with real-life/world experiences. So finally he gave up relying on external sources to gain knowledge about life. From that moment, naturally, he started getting true knowledge from inside his heart.

At the age of thirty, Author was convinced of knowing truth, with full consistencies. In addition, he started feeling happy from the inside and also managed to get answers for all his questions about life. Then for his self-reference, he consolidated his experiences/knowledge and especially concepts he derived from his journey from the External to the Internal and called it as Life Concepts. He then shared Life Concepts with hundreds of his relatives/friends who all found it helpful, as he expected, and then Author was completely confident that these concepts are applicable/helpful to every human being. He then wrote the book Life Concepts to share these concepts with everyone, and you are reading it now.

Life Concepts is available now.

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