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Love Is Now

Love Is Now

Starring: Claire Van Der Boom, Anna Torv, Eamon Farren, Chris Haywood, Rodger Corser (Rated M – 96 min).

It’s no secret that I have always been an advocate for Australian movies and am often upset at the displeasing box office for most local releases. Love is Now is an exceptionally brisk independent film for true romantics and anyone that appreciates grand cinematography. The turnaround from filming to hitting the screen has been remarkably quick considering some Aussie flicks can be filmed then shelved for a matter of years before released.

Producers got Nikon to prominently privately fund the film by putting forward that they shoot the entire movie on one of their digital cameras. Other companies also jumped on board including an international distribution agreement by the mighty Universal Pictures.

For Audrey (wonderfully talented Claire Van Der Boom) and Dean (Eamon Farren) it’s an instant attraction of passive passion. Beginning their tale in the leafy eastern suburbs of Sydney, most of the developing partnership branches out on the road when the pair decide to do the NSW Harvest Trail partaking in fruit picking along the way.

Setting off on pushbike, Audrey, an intrepid photographer has done the trail before while Dean has always wanted to and being snap happy himself, uses the chance to hone his camera craft. Insisting on not being interested in Dean, her actions seem otherwise with Audrey constantly kissing, touching and hugging her bike buddy on regular occasions. Answers to the misinterpretations of affection can be found in Audrey’s diary, however Dean is cautious not to check out the forbidden book.

The story remains interesting throughout being a subjective look at romance enabling the audience to keep guessing an eventual outcome. Chemistry between a likable Farren and Van Der Boom mostly works, she compels believability and looks wonderful whether it’s bike riding or walking in the rain, a true star.

Veteran Australian thespian Chris Haywood as usual pops up in a memorable small role while Rodger Corser is another welcome familiar face. With much of the movie filmed up the road in the Hunter Valley, I can highly recommend this perfect date movie and proof that with determination, talent and a great digital camera, a Hollywood style budget isn’t needed for an enjoyable film.

Shane A. Bassett

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