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Male Bonding On Decline

Male Bonding On Decline

Australian men may be comfortable using the term ‘bro’ often, but when it comes to male-bonding, it seems bromance is dead and Aussie men aged 18 to 36 are generation no-bond.

A recent survey conducted by Jägermeister Australia has revealed that 62% of Australian men would like to see their male friends more regularly than they already do, signalling that there is a growing need amongst our men folk to bring back bonding time and to forge stronger connections with their mates.

Interestingly, although they would like to spend more time with their friends, it’s proven that Australian men are ditching their bros as domestic duties and relationships dominate their daily routine, leaving less time for bromance and man-casions (male only occasions).

The survey also identified that as domestic duties take precedence, men aged 18-24 years old are granted six leave passes a month by their partners, where men aged 30-36 are allocated only four passes a month. Of those surveyed, respondents indicated that the best way to keep bromance alive was a big night out together without their partners.

The survey also gave insight on other ways to keep bromance alive:

– Friday night is the best time for male bonding
– Sharing a new experience with mates each week
– A personal man cave is essential for any man-casion
– Keep talk about domesticated life to a minimum

Michael Bouda, Senior Brand Manager at Jägermeister said: “Man-casions amongst Australian men are in decline, and it’s something we really need to bring back. A man-casion is all about championing male bonding time, taking some time out to kick back with mates and sparking genuine connections with friends.”

Bouda continues: “The Jägermeister brand story is all about male bonding, sharing experiences and creating memorable moments with friends. What concerns us, is that Australian men are not making it a priority to spend time with each other.

That’s why we’re heralding the ‘man-casion’, for all Australian men to bring back bromance and forge strong connections and bonds with friends again. New Jägermeister SPICE is the perfect drink to share with friends and we like to think of it as the new ‘mens champagne’. It’s a drink that Aussie men can start their night off with and celebrate man-casions with their bros.”

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