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New from Rockpool Publishing

New from Rockpool Publishing

Rockpool Publishing presents three new releases to help you get the most out of 2014! From Australia’s most trusted witch Stacey Demarco, comes the 2014 Lunar & Seasonal Diary ($24.99). This beautifully produced diary provides lunar timings and explanations of the moon phases and their impact on us, with practical suggestions to get the most out of the energies of the season.

In the Astrology Reading Cards ($24.99), leading international astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert provides a simple, easy-to-use pack that utilises the archetypal energies of astrology to answer questions about the Present and the Future. Select a card from each of 3 separate sets – the Zodiac Signs, the Planets and the Houses — and then use the guidelines in the book to interpret the answer for yourself and your friends— just like going to a professional astrologer!

Finally, the Dream Reading Cards ($24.99) by best-selling dream author Rose Inserra, will guide you through the symbolic world of dreams to understand their true meaning. The 22 Theme cards offer interpretations of the most common dream scenarios, and the 30 Oracle cards and accompanying guidebook help interpret secret messages from the subconscious mind and give valuable insights into your personal life. All three titles are now available at leading retailers and online.

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