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OtterBox Pursuit Series

OtterBox Pursuit Series

Pursuit Series is OtterBox’s thinnest and toughest phone case yet. Pursuit Series will protect your dad’s phone from mud, dirt, dust, drops and snow while featuring a pocket-friendly slim and sleek design.

All OtterBox cases come with OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection. To earn this certification, each design goes through a minimum of 238 hours of testing across at least 24 different tests, including thermal shock, abrasion, sweat and drop tests.

Key features:

– Ultra-thin design: Slips easily into pockets, while providing the most protection of any OtterBox case

– Built with PursuiTech: Pursuit Series features an impact-liner of internal ribbing, engineered to provide structural rigidity for extra protection against drops; a dual-purpose foam seals every edge of the case, keeping out mud, dirt, dust and snow, while also providing extreme shock absorption. Plus, the port-seal protects the lightning port, mic and speakers from debris, while still providing quick access.

– Certified Drop+ Protection: Pursuit Series has gone through a minimum of 238 hours of testing and 24 individual tests.

– Alpha Glass: Pursuit Series is compatible with OtterBox’s ultra-thin, fortified glass screen protector.

– Lanyard: Pursuit Series comes with a lanyard for greater ease-of-use and added security from loss and drops. 

The OtterBox Pursuit Series for iPhone is available now.

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