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PS4 vs Xbox One

PS4 vs Xbox One

This year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) at the Los Angeles Convention Center witnessed the fight between two console giants. Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are going head to head for market share in console gaming. But where is Nintendo?

While Playstation 4 will appeal to gamers via sharing of games and scores through their Playstation Plus network, Xbox One tries to wow with the Kinect and Smart Glass combination. Although their target audience now are hard core gamers, or people who are more technologically savvy.

Unless you have more than AUD $1,000 to spare for both, chances are you would have to choose. So far, Playstation 4 is better received when Microsoft announced that Xbox One does not include Internet-less gaming. There are a few major titles coming out that are exclusive to either console, with Final Fantasy to Playstation 4 and Dead Rising for Xbox One.

Differences aside, both consoles are black and have AMD chips inside them. Both are rectangular boxes that entertain adults and children alike. Stay tuned as both giants go on round two of the battle of the consoles.

Ailyn Koay

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