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Pure Jongo A2

Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor

Whether your dad is into Led Zeppelin, the Stones or Nina Simone, he’ll love this clever device from Pure. Simply plug the Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor into your old hi-fi system and connect it to Wi-Fi. He’ll be able to stream music from any device, like the modern bloke he thinks he is! There’s no need to get rid of seemingly out-dated stereo equipment. The Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor makes your old equipment seem new again. This ingenious device comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you can transform your speakers into a music streamer. It couldn’t be easier.

Down the track (pun intended) your dad might even choose to buy some Pure Jongo speakers to add to the system to allow for multiroom listening. Or if he is lucky enough to already have some, the Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor will let him add his old hi-fi speakers to the multiroom mix. The Pure Jongo system now comes with Caskeid technology, making the synchronised wireless streaming exceptionally accurate. Perfect for those dads wanting to use one of the hundreds of music services on offer around the world, like Spotify or Pandora in a multiroom set up.

The Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor costs $199. It’s available from Harvey Norman or online. If your dad is into style as well as music, check out the range of coloured collars that can be clipped on to the Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor for $29.

So if you think your dad could do with some modernising, surprise him with a Pure Jongo A2 Adaptor this Father’s Day.

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