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Is what to buy a dad this Father’s Day driving you around the bend?

Is what to buy dad this Father’s Day driving you around the bend?

The answer is … look out for them!

What to buy for your dear old dad? It’s a question that has many scratching their heads as ideas of aftershave, socks and jocks inspire yawns in virtually all of us. However, in 2021, with driving holidays a near certainty for most of us, more time in the car (less on public transport), the answer is clear: one of the many Navman MiVue™ dash cams built for the car, 4WD, truck or motorbike.

Whether your dad likes the finer things in life (like sleek sportscars), towing a caravan, going camping, bush-bashing, drives a truck for a living or loves his motorcycle, Navman has a dash cam suited to his driving needs and your budget.

Not all dash cams are the same. If the primary role of any dash cam is to protect the driver in the event of an accident and provide the evidence they need, that evidence must be clear and unambiguous. Some dash cams just don’t record with the level of detail and clarity needed to even see the type, let alone the number plate of the other vehicle. And many don’t include features like GPS tagging or 3-Axis G-Sensor which will provide speed, direction and G-Force of impact, along with location, date and time imprinted on all footage.

The Navman MiVue™ dash cams do, plus a lot more to keep your dad safe out on the road. All built in Navman’s manufacturing facilities and rigorously tested to Australian and NZ conditions. Choose from a variety of features and functions – single camera, dual camera (front and rear), sensors that allow filming even in very low light situations, navigation guidance with maps and spoken alerts, speed and safety alerts, parking mode (which keeps recording even when you’re not in the vehicle) and ultra-discreet cameras you’ll never notice are tucked away on the windscreen.

Navman Father's Day

– Sophisticated dad who would love a discreet, quality device – Looking out for dad this Father’s Day is getting him a sleek Navman Dash Cam that has the elegance of a factory fitted model, fits discreetly to the windscreen and, unlike other high-end models, still comes with the benefits of a screen. The MiVue™ Pro T-Series Dual Cam. With two cameras, front and rear, it is packed with high-end features to please the most discerning drivers. The front camera crisply films fast-moving objects at 60 frames per second, and both cameras come with dual channel Full HD 1080P recording, Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensors. While smaller than other high-end dash cams, this comes with a LCD screen so footage can be reviewed without removing the device from the car, and you can transfer it via WIFI on the spot. Plus, safety features like red light and speed camera alerts are displayed on the screen. Special offer available – $599 at – use code PROTDEAL at checkout between 13/08/21 and 10/09/21. Installation not included.

– Does dad drive more than the average person? If he’s a professional driver or even someone who has a longish commute, the MiVue™150 SAFETY will keep him safe. It includes safety camera alerts, fatigue alerts, and reminders to turn on headlights if he’s just left a carpark and much more. RRP $169.

– Does your dad have eyes in the back of his head? We always believed this was true and now it’s possible with the MiVue™830 Dual Camera which has front and rear cameras recording in Full HD 1080P and comes with free monthly safety camera alerts, as well as a 3-Axis G-sensor and GPS tagging. Parking mode available (SmartBox sold separately $79). RRP $279.

– Is your dad someone who likes to take the best pics on his camera or phone, then then the MiVue™1000 Sensor XL is for him. This is a world first – delivering incredible picture quality from a dash camera, this device includes a super large 2/3” Low Light Premium XL Sensor allowing it to capture small details even ow light conditions like dawn and dusk, during rain or whilst in multiplex carparks. Speed and safety camera alerts can be updated monthly for free. RRP $299. Also available with rear camera.

– If your dad loves a great road trip, get him the MiCam GPS a dash camera and a GPS all in one, and gives complete confidence whether he’s getting from A to B or planning the ultimate weekend away or holiday. Bringing the best of dash camera functions, navigation and phone all into one unit, decluttering your dashboard and simplifying your drive. For the first time this is a dash camera that is giving you all the information you need when you need it – receive messages, get verbal and visual navigation, as well as avoid traffic, marked speed limit alerts, red light cameras and school zones for the road you’re travelling on. RRP $299

– And for the dad who loves camping, 4WD, caravan or getting away from it all, get the MiCam Explore, just like the MiCam GPS above but bigger and built specially for larger vehicles. It also comes with off-road 4WD maps and Large Vehicle Mode to make towing a caravan, boat or carrying a load on the roof racks easier. RRP $499.

– Finally for the motorcycle dad who prefers two wheels to four, there is the Mio MiVue™ M760D dash cam for motorcycles who need protection from other vehicles more than most. Recording footage front and rear with its dual cameras and a Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor. The device is IP67 Waterproof designed and has WIFI for real-time viewing and back up. RRP $599.

There are many more dash cams within the Navman MiVUE range, visit to find out more.

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