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Rosso Antico

Rosso Antico

Translated literally as ancient red, Rosso Antico is rich in Italian history, produced in San Lazzaro di Savena. An aromatised, lightly fortified wine with the appeal of simplicity and elegance, Rosso Antico conquers you with its taste and its colour.

Great when poured neat or on ice with a slice of orange or lemon, it is also a perfect base for creating unique and unforgettable cocktails. Best paired with vodka, rum and gin, Rosso Antico also mixes well with orange juice, lemon squash or simply with cola.

Italian Sunrise Cocktail

2/5 Rosso Antico
2/5 Dark rum
1/5 Grapefruit Juice
A few drops of orange juice. Shake. Decorate with a cherry


An Aperitif, Rosso Antico is infused with 32 herbs and spices including sage, thyme, elder, rhubarb, china bark and rosemary. Made from neutral grape alcohol and ruby red in colour, it is bittersweet on the palate with an aftertaste of peels and spices.

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