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Slinkee Minx Q&A

Slinkee Minx Q&A

Slinkee Minx: Q&A with Annemarie, Michelle & Belinda.

How did you get your start in the music industry?

As friends, we had all experienced the music and entertainment industry in our own right. So a natural progression for us was to move in to a group format. We started by investing a lot of hard earned money in ourselves to record demo after demo – then came up with the idea to record ‘Summer Rain’. Without management, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start sending our track out to various radio music directors and management companies. A huge thank you to Shaun Gough at Austereo for giving us his time and advice and for giving us our first break on radio!

Best part of the job?

Performing is a huge buzz. Also, creating new tracks, writing with other talented producers and songwriters and recording in the studio is great fun.

Worst part of the job?

Being in the “dance” genre is always tough because Australian radio stations are very selective about this, so it can be hard to get support for new tracks. Also some of the hours we pull when touring can hurt!

Any interesting experiences you can share?

There are plenty of interesting things that we experience when we are on tour – we seem to attract catastrophes all the time! There is always some kind of adventure or story we laugh about later on, which we like to re-enact to our family and friends.

Favourite CD of all time and why?

That’s a tricky one as we adore all kinds of music! Retro, jazz, rock ballads, dance, house, trance, chill out and golden oldies are all favourites of ours. We have a diverse taste in music – which flavours and inspires our own original material all the time.

Tell us about the best live show that you ever saw?

There are a lot of people we have seen live and every performer offers something different at their shows. Madonna is a performer who has extraordinary energy while Kylie is also a wonderful performer. Her costumes are quite amazing!

Favourite bars/clubs/pubs to hang out in?

When home in Melbourne, we like to hang out at places like The Long Room, Alumbra, Boutique, Room, The Undertaker and Q-Bar. When interstate, we love visiting Home in Sydney and Family Nightclub in Brisbane.

What advice would you give to someone looking at getting involved in the music industry?

Be prepared for a lot of hard work, commitment and persistence. Remain true to yourself, stay positive and determined, and always improve on your craft. Finally, the best piece of advice we can offer is to grow a thick skin!

Take us through a typical “day in the life of Slinkee Minx”.

This can change depending on the day, but generally, a ‘typical’ day involves rehearsing for our live shows, recording in the studio, fulfilling our media commitments, boarding a plane to go to yet another gig (!!!) and finding some time in between all of that to eat and sleep!

Any news or final comments?

We have just released our third single called ‘Someday’ which is in stores now. We hope everyone gets behind this track and continues to support homegrown Australian music!

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