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After running The Daimon Brunton Quintet for 17 years; releasing four highly acclaimed albums; performing well over 300 gigs (including a 12-date national tour), Daimon was after a new challenge. Consequently ‘Soul Cupcake’ was born.

Soul Cupcake’s debut full length album, ‘Now!’ features cutting edge re-arrangements of classic songs and groove-driven originals. Whilst having a sound of its own ‘Soul Cupcake’ inhabits the ground between Stevie Wonder and Tower Of Power. Utilising a lead vocalist, 3 horns and a 4-piece rhythm section the tunes delivered on ‘Now!’ are full, fat, funky, syncopated and sophisticated colossuses that will leave you running from your desk and heading for the closest dance floor.

The band was keen to find new and fresh subject matter for the lyrics and consequently most of the original songs on ‘Now!’ deal with the link between ancient spiritualities and recent discoveries in quantum physics (although there is one original song that looks at the recent findings in the JFK conspiracy.)

Featuring groove-driven originals and warped re-arrangements of popular songs Soul Cupcake takes all that is good and spits it out the other end in a whirlwind of horn-driven electricity.

This 8-piece band features highly complex and funky arrangements. Their originals abound with hip and catchy licks and the popular songs are rearranged in such a way that leaves you feeling like they were released only a day or two ago.

Now! is available now.

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