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Stay cool with a Chilly Towel

Stay cool with a Chilly Towel

Hot flushes and night sweats causing you grief? Stay cool with Chilly Towel – a unique towel which retains water while staying dry, to provide a cooling relief for hours.

The towel is made up of hyper-evaporative fibres and becomes cooler than ambient air when wet, allowing the towel to maintain a low temperature that feels cool to the skin.

Whether it’s for hot flushes and overheating, to menopause, sports and heat stress and travel, Chilly Towel is the perfect way to cool down and feel refreshed. It’s reusable and machine washable, and stays fresh when it’s stored in its packaging.

Founded by cancer survivor and mother of three, Tara Lock became an entrepreneur to help other women experiencing overheating from chemotherapy treatment and facing menopausal hot flushes.

Chilly Towel is available in Pink, Blue and Green in a single pack for $27.50 and a double pack for $50.00. 


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