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Suntory Boss Coffee Lands In Australia

Suntory Boss Coffee Lands In Australia

From ramen to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, Japanese culture is everywhere – and our fascination with all things Japanese is only on the increase. The land of matcha, cherry blossoms, emojis, sushi and animé has always captivated our imagination; now we can add another great Japanese invention to our list – Suntory BOSS flash-brew coffee in a can.

Delicious and refreshing, Suntory BOSS Coffee was first invented in Japan in 1992, and is now the nation’s number one-selling canned coffee brand. Today, a whopping 324 million cans of delicious chilled coffee in a can are consumed there every year – that’s over 600 cans drunk every minute! Now Australians can find out why it’s so popular for themselves, with the launch of Suntory BOSS Iced Long Black and Iced Latte Coffees.

Suntory BOSS Coffee is created using the traditional Japanese flash-brew method. Coffee beans are brewed piping hot to release the rich aroma, then chilled down in seconds (a ‘flash’) to lock in flavour. It’s a method that sets Suntory BOSS Coffee apart from the rest. While flash-brew has been a staple in Japan since the 1960s, it’s a relatively new concept in Australia.

Suntory BOSS Coffee is the only flash-brewed ready to drink coffee product available in Australia, and it’s set to be a smash hit here, just as it is in Japan. We love our coffee in Australia, and with Suntory BOSS Coffee on our shores and shelves nationwide, the subtle, smooth flavour of quality chilled coffee will never be far from reach again.

Whether it’s starting your day with a boost, or getting through the mid-afternoon slump when all the local cafés are closed for no logical reason, Suntory BOSS Coffee is always on hand – it comes in a can and doesn’t compromise on taste. Shana Khan, Inventions Manager, Frucor Suntory says, “We are incredibly excited to bring the iconic Suntory BOSS Coffee to Australia.

“We know Aussies love their coffee – in fact three quarters have at least one cup every day and one in four say they can’t survive the day without it – so there’s no doubt that this unique and great tasting chilled coffee will attract the admiration of Australians, as it has the Japanese.”

Suntory BOSS Coffee Iced Long Black and Iced Latte is available across the country in petrol stations and convenience stores as well as in selected Woolworths and IGA stores just in time for summer (RRP $4.00).

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