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Sydney Smash Cakes

Sydney Smash Cakes

What do you get when you cross a cake with a piñata? You get the newest smash hit at birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and just about any celebration that deserves a bit of fun.

Introducing SmashCakes – a cake that does away with the traditional sponge and allows you to pick up your chocolate dome-smashing weapon of choice and take aim. Claudia Abrahams is the one-woman team behind SydneySmashCakes, which gives the usual (and sometimes) boring birthday cake a modern, fun and interactive twist.

We recently got the chance to devour one of these things and you can see why it’s become such a ‘hit’. The SmashCake was delivered straight to our door and after opening the box, we were confronted by a massive chocolate dome covered with Kit Kats and Maltesers. It didn’t take long for us to demolish the exterior – it was heaven for us chocolate addicts.

Then it happened – the cake started to fall apart and to our surprise, we discovered an assortment of lollies and other treats hidden inside this beast. The kind of lollies you used to find at your local corner store – the days when you could pick up a big bag of mixed lollies for just $1. We did our best to scoff down some of these delicious treats but it was more than we could handle in one sitting.

SmashCakes are just perfect for all special occasions. If you have kids, they will absolutely love them for their birthday. The business actually started when founder Claudia Abrahams made one for her eldest daughter’s fifth birthday seven years ago. “Since then I have made SmashCakes for almost every birthday party my kids have had,” Claudia says. “So if you do the maths, that’s three kids, and a total of 17 birthdays since SmashCakes was born in our home.”

A self-confessed chocoholic, Claudia says she has created her dream business in SydneySmashCakes. “Seeing everyone’s reactions when smashing their cakes is priceless,” she adds. “A SmashCake is new, different, exciting and it’s interactive. You definitely have the wow factor when everyone gathers around the table and you go through the motions of smashing it. It creates energy and excitement and definitely takes a celebration to that next level.”

SydneySmashCakes, which are all handmade, start from $75.00 and are filled with a minimum of one kilo of high quality lollies, chocolates and confectionary. So next time you’re having a party, why not ditch the cupcakes for a SmashCake and make your next cake a hit!

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