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It Takes Courage

It Takes Courage

By Torah Bright.

Two-time Winter Olympian, Torah Bright, exists in a category of her own. With phenomenal snowboarding skills as well as the personality and natural beauty to match, Bright is the ultimate triple threat.

Boasting one of the highest records for wins as a female snowboarder–and although the podium finishes alone are proof of her abilities–it is Bright’s progressive tricks and technical combos that pushes women’s snowboarding to a whole new level.

Born and raised in Cooma at the base of the Snowy Mountains, Bright was on skis at the age of two, snowboarding at 11, and had turned professional by the time she was 14. Now, 28 years later, this Australian Olympic medalist is ready to share her remarkable journey for the first time.

It Takes Courage is Bright’s heartfelt account of growing up in a close knit Mormon family, and follows the highs and lows of Bright’s professional snowboarding career during which she became the first Australian Snowboarder to achieve a gold medal in the Winter Olympics. From surviving a serious head injury that threatened to end her snowboarding career, to the controversy she caused at the recent Winter Olympics where she was openly critical of the event’s courses, raising safety concerns that made headlines back in Australia, It Takes Courage is an uplifting story of family, friendship, love, grief, gratitude, hard work and shredding.

Bright also explores the ins and outs of her closest relationships including the challenges she faced with her brother and coach, Ben, and why he walked out on her. Additionally, Bright speaks candidly on her short marriage to American pro snowboarder Jake Welch and why she nearly gave up her career as a result. With chapters divided into “runs” (a skiing terminology), it is clear that Bright’s courageous attitude and love of the alpine wilderness runs deep in her blood:

“I’m not afraid to turn, to try new things, to explore all the possibilities the backcountry has to offer. I truly believe it takes courage to claim your true purpose. To quiet the outside voices and just finally be you. I have felt my life either expand or shrink in direct proportion to my courage. I chose to keep fighting.” – Torah Bright


Born in Australia to a family of snow lovers and athletes, Torah Bright quickly made a name for herself as soon as she hit the competitive snowboarding circuit. Torah has countless achievements under her belt including being the 2007 TTR Women’s World Tour Champion, winning the gold medal at the 2007 and 2009 Winter X Games, being two-­time World Superpipe Champion, and being named Female Action Sports Athlete of the Year at the 2010 ESPY Awards. Now, Bright is dancing her heart out on Channel 7’s Dancing with the Stars!

It Takes Courage is available now.

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