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Tech21, the leading provider of intelligent impact protection cases and screen shields, have announced that its products are now available in Australia in Vodafone, Apple and Harvey Norman stores.

Tech21 is the only brand to offer Impactology™ products that provide unrivalled protection for mobile devices thanks to intelligent design featuring innovative materials like D3O® impact protection and BASF polymer, which is also used in bullet-proof glass.

“Today’s consumer carries more computing power in his or her pocket than the Apollo 11 needed to land on the moon.  Having all this incredible technology in portable formats means that we have to rethink how we protect it – the protective cases and screens have to be as powerful as the technology they are designed to cover,” said Jason Roberts, CEO of Tech21.  “Our goal is for Tech21 be the benchmark brand for intelligent impact protection combining ingenious protective materials with innovative designs.”

A range of Tech21 cases are now available for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung  Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Xperia Z and HTC One. Pricing starts from $29.99. The Impact Shield screen protector is available for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy 4 and HTC One and has an RRP of $29.95.

Tech21’s intelligent impact protection cases use D3O®, the orange impact protection material.  In everyday use, its molecules flow freely but upon shock or impact they lock together, absorbing and dispersing the impact force. D3O® Impact material has been adopted worldwide by the military for its power in impact protection on the battlefield and is also used in other high impact areas such as sportswear.

The BASF polymer is used as a protection interlayer of the Impact Shield screen shields.  It is integrated within a smart multi-layer system which includes a hard top layer to disperse impacts, a middle layer with BulletShield™ featuring the BASF polymer which is also used in bulletproof glass, and a final soft layer which also absorbs impact.  Overall this reduces the force by up to 80 percent, lessoning the threat of screen breakage.

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