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The Beef, Mac n Cheese hits ALEX&Co.

Just when you think burgers can’t get any more experimental, ALEX&Co.’s newest winter menu addition enters the Sydney food scene. The Beef, Mac N Cheeseburger is exactly what it promises; a premium beef burger loaded with creamy mac and cheese and sumptuous garnishes and sauces.

The Beef, Mac n Cheese Burger, is a stack of juicy Australian beef and crispy-smokey bacon rashes loaded with their Insta-famous cheesy macaroni, topped off with the crispiest shallots and smothered in their famous spiced tomato chutney.

A modern and more refined take on the American Mid-Western meat mac and cheese casserole, this new burger is already famous on Instagram. With the simple hashtag #onlyatalexandco, the photos of the Beef, Mac N Cheeseburger, and other burgers on the sensational menu will make you want to lick your screen.

From the foot-long steak sandwich to the beloved veggie burger made of a sweet potato and pumpkin patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo and the brand’s famous mango chutney, the Beef, Mac n Cheese is in good company.

Determined to add full-blown flavour to Sydney’s burger scene, ALEX&Co. also offer delicious sides, some so tasty you would never know they are made from veggies. Choose from mixed pickles, loaded fries with mushroom sauce, corn cobs with cheese, chilli and lime, mash, roasted potato, fries or the delightful sautéed kale with garlic and chilli. Our mouths are drooling!

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