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The Best Gallipoli Yarns

The Best Gallipoli Yarns

By Jim Haynes.

A unique collection of poignant, horrific, sad and sometimes dryly humorous stories and yarns from the bloody battlefields of Gallipoli.

“They were shipped like sheep when the dawn was grey; And as the ships left Mudros Bay They squatted and perched where’er they could, And they laughed and swore as we knew they would.  Knew they would – knew they would; they laughed and swore as we knew they would.” – Henry Lawson

When 26,000 Anzac troops went ashore at Gallipoli on 25 of April 1915, most were going into battle for the first time.  These are their yarns, poems and recollections… their stories of recruitment, their memories of life in the trenches, their accounts of the fighting and their evocations of coming home.  Here are the stories of Australian nurses tending the wounded, the Light Horsemen who had to leave their mounts in Egypt, and the strange bond between the Australians and their Turkish enemy.

This is a collection full of poignancy, horror and sadness, as well as dry Australian humour from one of Australia’s most successful storytellers.  Jim Haynes reminds us that Gallipoli was more than a military campaign.  These are the forgotten stories and yarns that give heart to the Anzac legend.


Jim Haynes is one of Australia’s best known storytellers.  Before becoming a professional entertainer, songwriter, verse writer and singer in 1988, Jim Haynes taught literature, history and drama in schools and universities from outback NSW to Britain.  While teaching he gained two masters’ degrees in literature, from New England University and the University of Wales.  Jim Haynes is the author of many ‘Best Australian’ titles, including books on trucking, unknown stories and horse racing.

The Best Gallipoli Yarns is available now.

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